At my school every pupil is provided with milk. Soul Milk to nourish inner vision.

This will come in the form of calcium to strengthen teeth and bones - the skeleton or foundations upon which the rest is built. By this I mean the science and theory which validates the role of imagination in the human experience.

Protein to nourish cells and tissues to self-heal. By which I refer to the therapeutic benefits of the practice of using visualisation.

And best of all, the full fat cream at the top of the bottle. The experience of bliss that is the reward of the seeking: Samadhi, Nirvana, Enlightenment, the Ecstasy the Christian mystics speak of.

This milk not only will sustain, but help you grow. As you grow you become more powerful. By mastering your inner vision, you will notice your outer reality changes.

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Drink deeply.

Let's grow together.