School Milk

Nourishing Inner Vision

How does the use of story effect how we learn? - the role of story in the process of learning.

Science continues to influence pedagogy. This talk strengthens the case for using guided narrative within the teaching and learning process. We perceive reality via a coder in our brain function. But what codes the coder? The ‘schema’ directs the coder. In other words the stories we use to...


Carefully crafted open questions leads to deeper learning of pupils

I have been using visualisation in the classroom as a teaching tool to explore themes for many years, and know them to be very powerful and effective. In this blog post I will relay the response of a class of Year 5 pupil’s to the Falling Leaves visualisation. A guided visualisation is like an...


Year 5 Pupils Experience Guided Visualisation for the First Time

Today I received the first bit of feedback from a school piloting my using visualisation project and I admit to feeling a tremor of trepidation. What if they were disappointed and it was all a bit underwhelming… proving the naysayers right: we don’t have time for this kind of feel-good...


Welcome to School Milk

At my school every pupil is provided with milk. Soul Milk to nourish inner vision. This will come in the form of calcium to strengthen teeth and bones - the skeleton or foundations upon which the rest is built. By this I mean the science and theory which validates the role of imagination in...